Playground Materials

AG Organics offers “Certified Playground Material”  for public or private children play areas to help absorb impact from falls and tumbles.

  • Tested & Complies with the consumer product safety commissions standards (CPSC)
  • Tested & approved under IPEMA / ASTM standard 1299 and F2075 requirements

Safety and Maintenance

  1. a)  Inspection & maintenance of playground areas are required to insure that the fall height requirements are being maintained.  Failure to inspect or maintain playground areas could lead to serious injuries.  Areas under swings, slides, and traveled areas should be leveled to maintain the required depth.


  1. a)  Excavate 12″ or recommended depth.  Remove soil from site (installing a drainage system may require an additional 4″ of excavation.)  A 2% grade is recommended.
  2. b)  Consult a soil engineer regarding proper drainage system for your particular area and use of Playground Materials.

AG Organics, Inc.  assumes no responsibility for the safety zones among the various playground equipment or critical height measurements as set forth in ASTM F1292 / F2075 and the guidelines of CPSC.  A certified installer or the supervisor of a certified installer is highly recommended.

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