Decorative Rock, DG and Boulders

AG Organics supplies Decorative Rock, DG, Cobble and Boulders to Home Owners, Landscape Contractors and Developers from local So Cal and surrounding out of state rock quarries.  Minimum order is 12 tons for local rock and 25 tons for out of state rock.

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Decorative Rock –  Most Rock available in 3/8″, 3/4″ and 2″-5″ in size. Sold per ton.

Cobble Rock –   Available in 3″-5″ and 6″-12″. Sold by the ton.


Decomposed Granite –  Available in 2 mm and 3/8″ with and without Stabilizer. Sold per ton.

Click Here For Product Spec Sheets


Boulders –  Most Boulders available in 12″-24″, 24″-36″ and 48″-64″ and larger.  Manageable size without heavy equipment is 12″-24″ and small 36″.