Bioswale / Bioretention Soil Blends

Bioswale and Bioretention areas are storm water runoff conveyance systems that provide an alternative to storm sewers.  They can absorb low flows or carry runoff from heavy rain to storm sewer inlets or directly to surface waters.  These areas improve water quality by infiltrating the first flush of storm water runoff and filtering the large storm flows they convey.  The majority of annual precipitation comes from frequent, small rain events.  Much of the value of Bioswale comes from infiltrating and filtering nearly all of this water.

To better assist in filtrating this rain water,  AG Organics has designed three Basic Soil Blends to meet 3 major specs, HP (High Percolation), MP (Medium Percolation), and LP (Low Percolation).  These Blends meet requirements for high, medium and low percolation rates along with suitable rich growing medium.  Along with our standard Bioswale and Bioretention soil blends,  AG Organics has the capacity to produce any special soil blend or spec growing medium you may need for your project.

* These soils blends are just one element in creating a proper working Bioswale filtration system.  Proper design, installation and drainage systems will be needed.   AG Organics, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the failure of design, installation and drainage systems

Bioswale and Bioretention products available are Growing Mediums, Sand, Gravel, Decorative Rock, Cobble and Mulches.

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